“Alexander gave me more knowledge about myself in 10 minutes than I got in a whole year of therapy… I consider myself a fast-track guy. I want the most effective, efficient means to accomplish a goal. And there’s nothing better than working with Alexander if you want to evolve yourself into the best person you can be.”
~ Elijah Sacra

“It was a thunderbolt of clarity.”

~ Taylor Gray

Life Elevated Coaching Program

For A Life Richly Flowing With Love And Abundance

I work with people who are yearning to move forward and live their best life.

The problem is they don’t know what that looks like or how to get there.

And without a clear map to guide them, they’re stuck spinning their wheels, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and incomplete.

I understand. I’ve been there.

I had a gnawing dissatisfaction that drove me to search for it, whatever it was that would unlock the full potential of my life.

I studied philosophy at Harvard, worked on Wall Street, was a successful entrepreneur, went to Roman Catholic Seminary, tried every psychedelic drug, hiked the proverbial mountain in India to meet the Guru, meditated 8 hours a day, became a Swami, studied with Shamans, and read every spiritual development book I could find.

Finally, through all my searching I found it, hidden in the deck of 52 playing cards.

And because I’m devoted to elevating humanity, I started a non-profit organization to share it with people just like you.

I developed the Life Elevated Coaching program, which is a 13-Step plan that, not only guides you to the next level of your life, but also provides deep emotional healing and gives you practical tools you can use to elevate your life.

I’ve now been coaching individuals privately for a decade and the results I’ve seen are life-changing and often miraculous.

In the Life Elevated Coaching program, people grow by leaps and bounds.

For you too, once you have it, your life will flourish and blossom in ways you didn’t even imagine were possible.

The first step is easy.

Start with your Soul Attunement Consultation, so you can break out of the rut you’re in now. For many people, this one consultation is enough to set them free. 

“I expanded my business by 30%, shed 12 pounds, and found romance in the most surprising way.”
~ Jean Tang

Soul Attunement Consultation

So You Can Move Forward And Live Your Best Life

This laser-sharp consultation is for when you’re ready to look into your own shadows to find out what’s really holding you back, so that instead of getting stuck behind hidden obstacles, you can blossom into the best version of yourself.

Common types of questions I hear and can answer for you include:

  • I feel trapped and unfulfilled. I know there’s gotta be more to my life. It’s eating me up inside. How do I realize my full potential?
  • I’m at a crossroads in my career, and I don’t know what to do. Which path do I take next?
  • I’m really torn and confused about my marriage. Do I stay in it? Or do I leave and move on?
  • How do I attract my soulmate? I’m so ready for the right relationship.
  • I need to figure out my life. I don’t know which way to turn. What do I do?
  • There’s things I need to talk about that I can’t really talk about with anyone, but I don’t need a therapist, I just need someone who I trust who can give me clear guidance. Can you help me?

Yes. I can help you.

From this Soul Attunement Consultation, you’ll gain clear direction, peace of mind, renewed hope, and immediate action steps! From there, you may or may not choose to enroll in the full Life Elevated Coaching Program. In fact, this Soul Attunement Consultation may be all that you need.

“I highly recommend working with Alexander. You will open new doors into yourself that you didn’t know were there.”
~ Marissa Feinberg


Your Investment

  • A 25-Minute Consultation, instead of $297, is $197
  • A 50-Minute Consultation, instead of $397, is $297
  • A 75-Minute Consultation, instead of $497, is $397

The 25-Minute Consultation is a great starting point.  Or, for a more in-depth personal Attunement, I recommend at least the 50-Minute Consultation.

Plus, with the 50-minute and 75-minute Consultation I record it and send it to you as a digital file. Most people tell me they listen to the recording multiple times to digest the full meaning of what they’re learning about themselves.

Once you purchase your Soul Attunement Consultation, you’ll be directed by my assistant to set up the date and time of your appointment via Zoom/Skype/phone.

I look forward to helping you move forward and live your best life.

with love,

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“I learned things I didn’t know I needed to learn! I’ve worked with many different teachers, but Alexander’s approach was different…. logical, matter of fact, and CLEAR. Our work together gave me permission to truly be me. I was able to step into a life that I’m meant to be living without feelings of guilt or shame. It was through our work together that I moved to a city I adore, met the love of my life and created the business I wanted!”
~ Anna Kaupilla

“Alexander is a master. And it’s a very rare and special thing to find someone who is a true master.”
~ Peter Roth

“Working with Alexander changed everything for me. I went from being scared of challenging myself to starting my own business. I went from feeling lost and directionless about my love life to meeting and marrying my soulmate. I went from having a relationship full of anger with my parents to them becoming my best friends and confidants. I realized so much and accomplished so much through my work with him – it really has been life-changing.”
~ Ruby Saleh

“Now, all of a sudden everything is falling into a place. Business projects that stalled for years are now coming together in less a week. Now, I’ve got three production orders going all at once. And, I’m learning and growing so much. I’m like a kid a candy store. And, you have been the key to this. You got all this started. You put me on the right track. Alexander, thank you for what you do.”
~ Craig Stucko

“I had done a series of 10 Reiki sessions a few years ago, and they changed my life. But just one session with Alexander was more powerful than all 10 of those sessions combined.”

~ Rey Allen

“Alexander illuminated a clear path for me. I highly recommend working with him if you want clarity around your direction and next steps.”
~ Nisha Moodley

“Alexander provided me with crystal clear insight. His depth of intelligence and open heart make him a joy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend him.
~ Yerasimos

“When I started working with Alexander, I wanted to quit my corporate job and start my own practice. Within five months of coaching with him, I opened my practice and am now stabilized in it, building a strong, reputable business. It was Alexander’s insights that defogged my glasses to give me a clearer vision of myself. His sage guidance was the catalyst to my success.”
~ Laura Keiles

“With Alexander’s coaching, I now know exactly who I am. And, that has set me well on my way.”
~ Zaid Arafat

“Thank you Alexander, the new business is going absolutely great! Everything is organically falling into place. I’ve also started dating someone and making my own art again! I keep all the knowledge you shared with me fresh in my mind, as it has been incredibly helpful in playing my cards right! I can’t thank you enough! ”
~ Natalia Yovane

“This is one of the best investments you can make to understand yourself and your direction in life. One session with Alexander and you’ll understand why he’s so good! Not only is he knowledgeable, he delivers it all with love and patience.”
~ Liz Long

“It has been a true life-changing experience. I got not only the confidence to achieve all that I am aiming to achieve, but the tools necessary to do so. I can confidently say that Alexander is the one ‘guide’ I have met in my life who has helped transform me into a more powerful, complete, joyful person. He defines what is a GIFT to those he touches.”
~ Kristine Szabo

“I must admit to being initially wary. I didn’t want to be told my future as in other readings I’ve done. However, what I found from Alexander’s method was a way to understand my highest essence. He confirmed my strengths and helped me identify patterns that bring me out of my strength. It allowed me to trust myself greater and realign to my purpose, both professionally and personally.”
~ David Schommer

“Alexander is truly an Angel, powerful and gentle at the same time.”
~ Alegria Hayes

“I went home and I was weeping tears of joy. Everything you revealed for me was painfully and beautifully true. With your guidance, I am now making much better choices in my life, taking good care of myself for once! And now, whenever I need a reminder, I just close my eyes and I see my Cards laid out for me and it fills me with such joy! Thank you Alexander!”

~ Chellise Michael

“I have spent a lot of time discovering healthy food and lifestyle choices that work for me. But, something was missing… Alexander has created a welcoming, realistic experience to love and connect with myself. He has supported me to improve my sleep, happiness, and better understand myself. But, of the many things we have worked on, the most powerful is his ability to support me to notice my patterns. Now that I have this awareness, I can much more clearly see when I am falling into tendencies that do not serve me. This awareness has created positive changes in my health and happiness for a lifetime. I truly look forward to every call I have with Alexander. I am always astounded by the insight and growth I feel after speaking with him.”
~ Holly Harmon

Live An Elevated Life

We realize our full potential in life, not by trying to overachieve, outperform, or 10x our productivity. That approach only pushes us out of our natural sweet spot and leads to stress and burnout. Rather, we realize our full potential when, and only when, we're in harmonic resonance with who we are.

When we're in sync with ourselves, we enter our flow state. It's what athletes or musicians might call being in "the zone." And it's then that we effortlessly elevate our life's performance.

The question, of course, is how to get in sync with ourselves? It's a question I could only answer for myself once I found out what's in the cards for me.

with love,

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