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“Wow. It’s all in the cards! A blueprint of who I am!”

~ Mel Finnerty

Clarify Your Truth

Activate your inner compass, so you can make bold, clear decisions.

Open Your Heart

Develop your Emotional Intelligence, so you can be happy in life.

Bring Forth Your Best

Uncover your hidden genius, so you can break through to the next level.

“It’s helping me become aware of the flower I am, so I’m not trying to bloom into a different flower than who I am.”

~ Jenna Laurenzo

SO, WHAT IS THIS Sacred Science?

The deck of 52 playing cards is actually a timeless system of Knowledge that reveals the programming language of our reality.

This ancient Knowledge was hidden in plain sight as cards to play games like poker. But really it’s a mathematical toolkit for personal growth and development.

Using this tool we can diagnose our strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities with laser-sharp precision. The resulting clarity is game-changing.

“I’ve heard that the two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why. Now I finally know why.”

~ Jacob Laguerre


Did you ever notice?

There are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in a year, 4 suits and 4 seasons…and then, when we add up the face values of all the cards in the deck, we get exactly 365 1/4, which is our calendar year!

There’s much more to discover in the mathematics, but what’s most important is how this little Book of Knowledge helps us to elevate our lives personally.

For example, I utilize this little Book to help you

* Fulfill your true potential.

* Decide which career path is right for you.

* Cultivate happy, healthy relationships.

* Increase your personal wealth.

It all starts when we find out what’s in the cards for us. You see, based on our date of birth, we each have 13 cards. And these 13 cards form our sacred blueprint.

Then, once we know our cards, we can start consciously playing our cards right, from darkness to light. And that’s when the magic happens. That’s when we behold seemingly miraculous results in our lives.


“All of a sudden, everything is falling into place.”

~ Craig Stucko

“I now understand and cherish my relationships in a new light.”

~ Alex Lalmansingh

“My business went right into the stratosphere!”

~ Alix Astir

Read The Book
Read The Book

This Is Your Life!

Based on the numbers of our date of birth, we each have 13 “cards to play” in the Book of Life.

Open The Book And Find Out
What’s In The Cards For You!

Read The Book
Read The Book
Read The Book
Read The Book

“It was a thunderbolt of clarity.”

~ Taylor Gray

Read The Book
Read The Book
Start Now Book

Live An Elevated Life

We realize our full potential in life, not by trying to overachieve, outperform, or 10x our productivity. That approach only pushes us out of our natural sweet spot and leads to stress and burnout. Rather, we realize our full potential when, and only when, we're in harmonic resonance with who we are.

When we're in sync with ourselves, we enter our flow state. It's what athletes or musicians might call being in "the zone." And it's then that we effortlessly elevate our life's performance.

The question, of course, is how to get in sync with ourselves? It's a question I could only answer for myself once I found out what's in the cards for me.

with love,

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