Heart Conscious Holy Days

Nourish your soul. Expand your vision. Clarify your life.


A series of daily meditations, mantras, and attunements for the Holy Days of our year (from December 18th – January 13th) delivered right to your inbox each morning.

I’ll reveal the riddle you’ll face each day, and then I’ll show you the doorway of possibility to step into the results you want for your life.

To play along with us, it’s only $1 a day.

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Wait a tic, so what exactly is this?

The Heart Conscious Holy Days is a series of daily emails, for a 27-day period from December 18th – January 13th, that will arrive in your inbox at 7 AM of your local time.

The daily email is about three paragraphs long and comes with

  • Guidance for the day
  • The key to play your cards right that day
  • Your mantra for the day
  • An audio recording of me reading the daily guidance
  • The riddle for the day and the doorway of possibility for the day
  • A link to a meditation that is about 5 – 7 minutes long
  • So, if you are already subscribed to the Free Daily Activation messages, the difference in these messages vs. what you’re already receiving is several things including the riddle, the doorway of possibility, the audio recording of the daily message, and the meditation.



A Little More Background?

in the Book of Life, each day of the year has an energy signature symbolized by the Card of the day. Know the Card and you’ll know the meaning of the day. It’s a little bit like knowing the daily horoscope, only (in my opinion) much more accurate and much more fun.

And interestingly, December 18th – January 13th are the only days of the year when we move through all 13 Heart Cards, the Joker, and then all 13 Spade Cards. And so these are the Cards of the day for the days of Dec 18 – Jan 13:


It means that during these 27 days, we have a unique opportunity — with the energy that’s present on these days — to open our hearts, laugh at our own folly, and then activate our consciousness for a New Year ahead.

Now: what this daily series of emails and meditations does is help you download the full meaning of these special days.

You get an email and meditation each morning to attune you to the Card of the day. It helps you set your focus for the day. It means you’ll know what to look for in your day.

It’s like if I told you to look for a blue Volkswagon Beetle during the day, you’d be on the lookout for them and then you’d start noticing them everywhere.

In these daily emails and meditations, I’ll tell you exactly what to look for in your day, based on the Card of the day, that way you’ll start to notice those  patterns and thus tune into the meaning of the day.

Pretty cool right? And it’s fun!

And, it’s only $1 a day for 27 days. Wanna play along with us?


Ok, I’m almost there. Why should I do this?

Three reasons. This Heart Conscious Holy Day series will help you…

1. Cut through the noise, so that instead of getting swept up in holiday stress, you can quiet your mind and find your still point.

2. Fill up your cup, so that instead of feeling sad and lonely during this time, you can restore your spirits.

3. Connect to the deeper meaning of these days, so that instead of superficially going through the motions, you can tap into a soul-satisfying experience of life.

Wow. That sounds great.

OK. I’m willing to risk my $1 a day investment to see if these things you promise really are true.


This is all so fascinating. I just want to know a little more…

Sure. As it is written in the Book of Life, December 18th – January 13th is the only time of the year we experience all 13 Hearts, the Joker, and then all 13 Spades.

First, we experience all 13 Heart Cards from December 18th to December 30th — from the King of Hearts on Dec 18th all the way down to the Ace of Hearts on Dec 30th. And so, this is the 13-day season of the Heart, as we’ve kinda already known intuitively in our culture.

For these 13 days, and only these 13 days, the energy of the Heart is completely present in our collective field. It’s a special time for restoration of relationships, forgiveness, compassion, completion, and healing.

Then, we have the day of the Joker on December 31st, the day of the fool. This day presents us with a portal to other possibilities. It’s a day to shake off our seriousness and cleanse our palate with revelry and nonsense.

But the deeper meaning of this important day is to provide us with an opening — perhaps through costumes, masks, or role-play — to integrate hidden fragments of our consciousness.

Then, and hopefully thus healed, refreshed, and restored, it’s a brand new start on January 1st — the day of the King of Spades. We begin anew with no time to waste; we start hard and strong with the mighty King of Consciousness!

And it’s the only time of the year when we experience all 13 Spades up until January 13th – the day of the Ace of Spades.

For these 13 days, and only these 13 days, the entire spectrum of consciousness is available to us, so that we can envision and activate the life we want for ourselves.

It’s why we’ve known intuitively that during these first days of January, we should really focus on our life’s goals and life’s direction. It’s in the air. It’s the energy we’re experiencing all around us in the quantum field.

And what we do in this Holy Day series is simply clarify what’s already present in the quantum field around us. Once we clarify it and distill it, then we can extract the meaning and activate it in our lives! It’s what makes these days truly Heart Conscious and Holy and Powerful!


That’s what I’m talking about.

Drinking in the juicy meaning of life, each and every day.

Join me as I guide you to play your cards right.

Are you in?

Just click the big orange button.

And I’ll see you in the game.

with love,

Alexander Dunlop Spiritual Life Coach


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We realize our full potential in life, not by trying to overachieve, outperform, or 10x our productivity. That approach only pushes us out of our natural sweet spot and leads to stress and burnout. Rather, we realize our full potential when, and only when, we're in harmonic resonance with who we are.

When we're in sync with ourselves, we enter our flow state. It's what athletes or musicians might call being in "the zone." And it's then that we effortlessly elevate our life's performance.

The question, of course, is how to get in sync with ourselves? It's a question I could only answer for myself once I found out what's in the cards for me.

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